Thursday, 29 March 2012

Using SQL Server Express With ASP. NET

Microsoft SQL server is relational database server software that is designed to store and retrieve data as requested by different software applications. These applications may run on the same computers or different computers included in thesecure network of developers. There are many versions of SQL, but SQL Express provides a simple solution for building applications. The complete SQL server programming model supports the SQL Server Express. When developing development should note that stored procedures, views, triggers, CLR (runtime) integration and XML (extensible markup language) data is compatible.

To connect to the SQL Server Express database is simple. Just connect as you would to any server by specifying the database server as the SQL Server Express data source. Connecting the SQL Server Express database by using a file name will simplify retrieving your database without complications. A SQL Server Express database can be created by connecting to any computer tht is running the SQLServer Express and clicking "create database," or you can use the management tools included with the server.

ASP.NET is a convenient option for asp developers to storedata in the directory of a web application. Using an .NET feature, SqlDataSource control or the providers for membership, roles, user profiles, or personalization will automatically substitute the file path and provide you with variables when opening connections to your data base. The path of your database will always remain current if your application is moved to a different directory.

When setting up the SQL Server Express Database developers will find that the visual web developer provides the tools needed to create a SQL Server Express database, manage the database, and control connections to the database. Use the server explorer windows to access capabilities.

User instances are supported by SQLServer Express. For development this means that a new process will be started for each user that connects to the server database. The server will identify the user that opened the connection and the .NET application can also be identified and accessed.User instances are suitable for desktop development utilizing one user, but multiple users and hosting sites for multiple users is not recommended. .NET security applications may need to be disconnected by developers' if applications and users that do not trust each other or are on different networks is apparent.

The SQL database includes two files. These are the .mdf file which is the database scheme and data, and the .idf file which holds the log information for the database. If development uses a Copy Web Site, the SQL Express database will enable developers to copy applications and data to a target server that uses XCopy or FTP. ASP development is also able to copy an empty SQL database. developers can use scripts that can run in the target database
and duplicate from the development database.

Again, the security in our SQL data base will not copy to multiple sites that do not trust each other. This is to ensure that your data is not exposed to non-secure sites and users. Always copy your encrypted passwords and security solutions to your target server when moving from Server Express.

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